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If you have any questions about Charles River Racing Stables, our horses and partnerships, you can contact me at crrstable@verizon.net  or call me directly at 781-771-7731

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Paul Umbrello

Managing Partner

Charles River Racing Stables receives Special Achievement Award from the New England Turf Writers Association







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Some of our recent results

Classic Speed 2/5 Speedy off the layoff loses the whole race by 2 lengths

Desert Voodoo 1/11 and 11/28 runs a great race and finishes fourth

Pride of Wilko 11/27 runs a great race and finishes fourth

Victory Slide 11/7 finishes 5th 

Flashy Eyed Pearl  7/10/15 finishes 3rd, 7/31/15 finishes 3rd, 9/4/15 finishes 1st

Ventura Bar 9/19/15 finishes 4th

Peters Creek  9/19/15 finishes fourth

Classic Speed 8/7/15 finishes 4th


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Useful Links












Boston’s Number 1 Horse Talk Radio Show that has a variety of hosts across the states from Trainers, Jockeys, Owners and Track Handicappers with some of their daily track picks.  Live tote board and scratch board






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Pay Pal Now Accepted

We now accept Pay Pal as a method of payment

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