How Our Partnerships Work

How our partnerships work.

I work with trainers at various tracks across the country where we can purchase our horses privately.  The advantage to this is we get to inspect and vet all the horses before making any purchase.  

This has a greater advantage than having to make a straight claim out of a race because when claiming a horse your trainer can only view your potential claim, he/she can’t inspect the horse which might have an underlying issue.

The structure of our no expense plan is that the Trainer receives a percentage of the Purse Earnings to cover all the expenses that is normally charged when paying for a horse at a day rate expense.   This includes any vet expenses and shoeing.

This NO EXPENSE model allows you not to worry about any MONTHLY BILLS. 

The remaining percentage is distributed back to each partners individual share(s), based on the percentage of shares owned.

If the horse gets claimed all proceeds go back to the Partners

Other Partnerships have large mark up fees on purchases and/or excessive  management fees.  They also take a percentage of your share if your horse gets claimed.    They have fixed shares in which you have to purchase as we are very flexible and can offer fractional shares.   

You’ll recevive monthly statements and free programs when your horse runs along with weekly updates of all the horses in our stable.  

Our goal is to make horse racing fun and affordable.  I really want partners to have the excitement of going to the paddock, the barn area to view and feed the horses and of course getting into the winner’s circle for that win photo.

Besides how many folks get to say they own a race horse and it cost them less than a $100

While there is more risk that comes with greater reward, we offer competitive Day Rate Ownership Packages for those that want to take the chance of a greater return on your investment. With this model I put together multiple owners to deflect some of the costs associated with the day rate horse as noted above.  The risk is greater, but you can make more money and by putting together multiple partners into a horse, your monthly expense is greatly reduced.    

With over 40 years of racing experience and working with the leading  Trainers we’ve built a sucessful partnership with a high percent of purse earnings